Rogue Life Coaching Packages

  • Beginner's Hot Yoga Instruction Package: 2 60-minute private sessions in our infrared heat therapy  studio designed to teach you the basics of attending hot yoga classes and an introduction to our lifestyle coaching programs (breathwork and common poses) - $100 

  • Private Individual and Household Sessions: Individual or Household private classes in the infrared heat therapy studio with an instructor including  intro to lifestyle coaching and yoga - $75 (+$15 per participant, max of 5) 

  • Strength and Endurance Program (Virtual and In-Person): 4/8/12 week Yoga-based program that includes overall health and wellness coaching and 4 in-person small group Vinyasa and Conditioning  Hot yoga sessions in the Infrared heat therapy studio per week - $125 4-Week, $250 8-Week, $500 12-Week  

  • Stress Management Program (Virtual and In-Person):  4/8/12 week Yoga-Based program that focusus on Stress Management through the development and use of coping mechanisms, breathing exercises, and includes 4 in-person small group Hatha and Yin Hot Yoga Sessions in the Infrared Heat Therapy Room - $125 4-Week, $250 8-Week, $500 12-Week    

Rogue Roots Hot Yoga Infrared Studio Class Pricing

  • 10 - Class Pack: $150

  • New Student Special: $20 for 20 days

  • Drop-in Class: $25

  • 6 - Months Unlimited Classes: $750 (20% Discount when Paid in Full)

Weekend Workshop Specials

Weekend Workshops Coming Soon: We will now be offering workshops monthly on selected weekends so you can specialize your practice in arm balances, inversions, meditation and breathwork, etc... 

Video on Demand

Access our full library of 30-minute Lunchtime Flows with our VOD pricing for $14.95 per month 

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