Leah Day

Owner and Instructor -

That first Hot Yoga class years ago started it all and I was hooked... after moving to Enumclaw I was really missing Hot Yoga and wanted to bring my passion for Hot Yoga, as well as my passion for athleticism and fitness to this community as well as strengthening my roots with the members of it. Nothing has moved me quite like a powerful flow... I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and a Yoga strength training class called Conditioning.

Certifications: RYT-200, Ayurveda Specialist, Restoration Yoga, Chair Yoga

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Jake Day

El Presidente - 

 Jake created by hand all the incredible woodworking you see in the studio lounge and does any and all major projects and undertakings. He is also the one who took Leah to her first Hot Yoga class years ago and started it all! He is also the first test participant of any and all yoga flows taught by Leah in the class. You will see him from time to time in the evening classes in his favorite spot.

Kalie Martin

Kalie's love of yoga began over a decade ago when she took her first class at the Baptiste Studios in Boston, MA. What started out as a great workout and a way to relieve stress, soon became a way of life. With a career in the performing arts, she has had the opportunity to travel the world and has recently made the PNW her home.Yoga has been a great tool of healing in her life both physically and mentally. She strives to build confidence and self esteem in all of her students and believes that yoga is a great healer of the mind and body. 

Jordyn Prince

My yoga journey started about 10 years ago. I took my first yoga class for a college credit and didn't think much of it. A year later, I decided to try a class at a brand new hot yoga studio. As someone who has a regular gym routine, enjoys hiking & running long distance, I knew I needed something to deepen my stretching and flexibility. I came out of class thinking, “wow that was a great workout.” 


I lost my practice for a couple years; then after having my first child I wanted to get back to my practice to help with stress, anxiety & overall self-care. A few months later I started working front desk at a yoga studio. Not only was I practicing more, but I learned so much more about yoga and the mind-body connection. The more I was learning & practicing, the better I felt and I knew one day I would be a yoga teacher. 


Fast forward a few more years and another kiddo, I finally attended & completed teacher training in April 2019. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I continue to learn and grow from fellow yogis every day. I strive to help students find balance and peace while growing their practice.