In-Studio Class Schedule (SPRING 2021)
Class schedule effective for our 2021 Summer Season through August based on attendance- Our schedule is designed to be an all-inclusive fitness program including endurance days, strength-training classes, Beginner's Foundation Yoga(warm, not-hot), traditional Hatha, and Yin for active recovery. We offer unlimited memberships, class packs, and drop-ins!  Pre-registration is recommended for all classes due to a 16 person per class max. Registration opens 7 days in advance for each class time, and studio opens 15 minutes prior to class time. All classes are in the hot room with a temp of 100-110 degrees depending on the class, Foundation's Yoga is between 85 and 95 degrees. 
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530am - Conditioning Sculpt w/Leah

430pm - Hatha w/Jordyn 


530am - Conditioning Sculpt w/Leah

430pm - Foundation Yoga (Beginner's Vinyasa) w/Leah

6pm - Conditioning Sculpt w/Leah


530am - Conditioning Sculpt w/Leah

430pm - Hatha w/Jordyn

6pm - Foundation Yoga (Beginner's Vinyasa) w/Leah 



530am - Hatha w/Jordyn 

430pm - Vinyasa w/Leah

6pm - Yin w/Leah 



Summer Noon Weekend Series

Saturday June 5th/Sunday June 6th - Baptiste-style Vinyasa w/Leah

Saturday June 19th/Sunday June 20th - Hatha Foundations w/Jordyn

Saturday July 10th/Sunday July 11th - Arm Strengthening w/Leah

Saturday July 24th/Sunday July 25th - Headstands & Handstands w/Jordyn

Saturday August 7th/Sunday August 8th - Core Strengthening w/Leah

Saturday August 28th/Sunday August 29th - Beginner Vinyasa Backbends w/Jordyn