~Class Offerings~ 

To register for a class or sign up for a membership please click the "Get Started" button below. Registrations can be made 14 days in advance and are required at this time due to limited class size. If you would like a complimentary intro, please reach out to info@roguerootshotyoga.com to schedule in advance so we can prepare: 


Our 60 minute Hatha classes are rooted in a variety of traditional postures specialized around the following traditional Asanas: Standing/Seated/Supine/ Kneeling/Prone

Great for all stages of your yoga practice from beginner to advanced 

Hatha is a slower and more breath-oriented form of Yoga, and focuses on connecting your mind and body to your breath

* this class comes with a complimentary 15 minute intro to cover basic postures like breathing, Warrior 1/2, Dancer, Tree. email info@roguerootshotyoga.com to schedule

Heat: 95-115 Degrees

Humidity: 25-50%


Our 60 minute Vinyasa class is a specialized flow built for strengthening transitions and balance, and focuses heavily on core and leg development 


Whether you are beginning or advanced, modifications will be offered to give you ample opportunity to make the practice your own 


A different playlist for different flows and lots of Sun Salutations in all forms make for fun and challenging class offerings. Great for all levels of Yogis!


* this class comes with a complimentary 15 minute intro instruction to cover breathing, resting, Vinyasa flow, and Sun Salutations. Email info@roguerootshotyoga.com to schedule 


Heat: 95-115 Degrees

Humidity: 25-50% 


Our 45 minute conditioning flow combines the transitions and constant motion of Vinyasa with a body-weight resistance style workout 

A combination of yoga poses and strength moves makes for a challenging workout that remains low-impact but pushes your major muscle groups to their edge 

This class is designed to build strength quickly and efficiently so be prepared for quick transitions and lots of resistance. Great for all levels of fitness!

Heat: 95-115 Degrees

Humidity: 25-50%


Our 60 minute Yin class  

is a slow-paced style of Yoga designed to be healing and restorative. 

During a Yin class you will be holding poses much longer than a traditional class, with every posture being held for two to five minutes. 

The goal of Yin is to increase circulation and improve flexibility using a slower, more meditative approach.

Heat: 95-115 Degrees

Humidity: 25-50%

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