RRHY Infrared Heat Studio Class Offerings

Vinyasa - 60 Minute Dynamic Flow

A fast-moving power flow designed to challenge your endurance and strength - suitable for all levels

Yin - 60 Minute Intensive Stretching

Yin is about committing to a pose and surrendering to the stretch. Mostly seated, each pose is held for 3-7 minutes at a time. 

Conditioning - 45 Minute Strength Training 

Using Yoga Power Poses as a base, this fast-moving and challenging class is designed to develop your strength 

Weekend Workshops - Deepen your Practice

With Sun Salutation, Deeper into Hatha, Arm Balance, and Meditation/Breathing workshops you can deepen any part of your flow

Hatha - 60 Minute traditional hatha 

26 poses and 2 breathing exercises including balancing and seated asanas. 

Beginner's Package & Individual/Household Private Sessions

Beginner's Intro to Hot Yoga package includes 2 Private 60-min sessions to go over basic poses and flows - we also offer private and same household sessions with an instructor

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