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RRHY Hot Yoga is now fully open with no restrictions -
We are your small community studio designed to help you create and foster a well-rounded Yoga practice. All classes are held in our hot yoga studio located at 856 Cole ST, STE 103 in Enumclaw. We offer early morning, evening, and weekend series classes to suit all levels of yogi and utilize Infrared Heat Therapy heaters and humidifiers to keep the room at 100-110 degrees for all classes (except Foundation Yoga which is a warm, comfortable 85-95 degrees) to maximize intensity and flexibility. We have class packs and unlimited memberships available, personal coaching through our Rogue Life program, private individual and same household sessions, and beginner's series packs for those who want private instruction before taking a class. Feel free to text (360)605-0156 for questions, or reach out to  


Vinyasa - 60 Minute Dynamic Flow

A fast-moving power flow designed to challenge your endurance and strength - suitable for all levels. 

Mon - 530pm, Wed - 4pm, Sat 9am

Yin - 60 Minute Intensive Stretching

Yin is about committing to a pose and surrendering to the stretch. Mostly seated, each pose is held for 3-7 minutes at a time. 

Thurs 6pm

Yoga Sculpt & Conditioning - 45 Minutes

Using Yoga Power Poses as a base, this fast-moving and challenging class is designed to develop your strength - please bring a set of light hand weights if you would like added resistance.

Tue 530am&6pm, Wed 530am

Foundation Yoga/Beginner's Vinyasa - 45 minute Hatha/Vinyasa Beginner Class 

Designed to get you started by introducing Vinyasa and Hatha class styles combined in a gentle flow in an 80 degree room. This beginner class will ready you for more high-intensity classes.

Hatha - 60 Minute traditional hatha 

26 poses and 2 breathing exercises including balancing and seated asanas. 

Mon 4pm, Thurs 530am, 4pm

Beginner's Package & Private Sessions

Beginner's Intro to Hot Yoga package includes 2 Private 60-min sessions to go over basic poses and flows - we also offer private and same household sessions with an instructor

To schedule email: